Caroline Wozniacki - Thoughts about picking baby products and choosing BIBS

Caroline came across BIBS by asking her friends and doing research.

 As a mom, Caroline cares about safety, quality, functionality, and style. And all these demands are fulfilled by BIBS. As Caroline explains,

“There goes a lot of thought into picking products for your baby when you become pregnant. For me, it's all about the quality. I want it to be safe for my baby. I want it to be pretty, and I want it to be functional. With BIBS I don't have to sacrifice style or functionality which is the best of both worlds.”.

Caroline elaborates,

“I first got across BIBS by asking my friends which products and brands were the best within the baby category. Then I reached out to BIBS to see if they wanted to collaborate with me and my family. (…) With BIBS I don’t have to sacrifice style or functionality which is the best of both worlds.”

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Choosing a pacifier takes time

When it comes to pacifiers' nipples no size or shape is right or wrong because all babies are different. When using a pacifier, it's important to try out different shapes and sizes to find the perfect fit for your baby.

Like many other babies, Caroline's daughter Oliva tried the different pacifiers to find her personal favorite. For the moment she still switches back and forth between BIBS Supreme and Colour.

This is why we have launched the BIBS Try-it-Collection. In the collection, you will have a pacifier from our 4 different categories with a selection of all our nipple types (Round, Symmetrically, and Anatomically) and materials (Natural Rubber Latex and Silicone).

For you and your baby to test and find your preferred BIBS pacifier.

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