BIBS Pacifiers – Beautiful pacifiers in all shapes and colors

Quality pacifiers

At you will find a world of pacifiers manufactured in Denmark/EU, made from the best materials completely free from BPA, PVC, and phthalates. The most important for BIBS is to provide you with pacifiers in the best possible materials, which will make you calm and sure that you give your child the best pacifiers on the market, that will only bring joy and care to them.


Design and colors

Our family of BIBS pacifiers comes in 4 different lovely designs, BIBS Colour, BIBS Couture, BIBS De Lux and BIBS Supreme. We are sure that you and your child within our different aesthetic and creative designs will find a pacifier that you like. BIBS Colour and BIBS De Lux both comes with a round shield and a round nipple. BIBS Couture has an anatomical nipple and the BIBS Supreme comes with a symmetrical nipple. The classic BIBS Colour is only produced with a nipple in natural rubber latex while BIBS Couture, BIBS De Lux and BIBS Supreme all comes with nipples in both natural rubber latex and silicone.

You can read more about all our different pacifiers and get a more detailed description of the nipples in our Nipple Guide.



Within our assortment of pacifiers, we have nearly 200 different choices, as we both have a great number of single pacifiers, but also have many lovely combinations as 2-Packs and Twin-Packs. You will find all the BIBS pacifiers in up to 50 different colors, so we are quite sure we have a pacifier in your favorite color.


Night pacifiers

Some of our most popular colors are also made as night pacifiers, with a very practical ‘glow in the dark’ function. Do you have problems finding your child’s pacifier without turning on the light in the room? Then a BIBS pacifier in our night version will appear as a ‘game changer’ for you.