Thank you for your interest in BIBS and we appreciate you approaching us in order to become a B2B partner.

We experience great interest in our brand and products and many companies all over the World would like to distribute and sell our products. Naturally we appreciate this.

Before we can accept any company or shop as a business partner, we need to gather different information regarding your company or business. No company is granted access to shop within our wholesale universe before they have provided our B2B department with the information needed.

Some of the mandatory information we demands from you and will assess you from are:

  • Your own physical store or webshop and the standard of it.
  • Do you sell other baby brands and the quality of these brands.
  • Do you sell own produced- or pre-used products.
  • CVR / TIN VAT no. 
  • Is there a distributer in your market we have to refer you to.

Therefore you have to contact our B2B department with your inquiry at or in the contact form to the right. Then they will get back to you with questions and answers regarding your inquiry.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Marketing inquiries?

If you want to collaborate together with BIBS regarding marketing related activities, you should reach out to Be aware, that we have a lot of inquiries and therefore only respond to those of interest.