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BIBS Baby Glass Bottle


Designed to reduce colic

Our BIBS Baby Glass Bottle is designed with an anti-colic valve to ensure a smooth milk flow, that reduces air swallowed while feeding.

Breast-like nipple

The round natural rubber latex nipple matches the nipple from our popular BIBS Colour pacifier, which is designed to mimic the mother’s soft nipple in shape and size.

Made of the purest glass

The bottle is made of borosilicate glass, which
is high-quality and long-lasting laboratory glass. It is strong, durable, and
does not emit microplastics into the milk.

Finding the right flow for your baby

All babies are unique in their way.
They have different needs, different preferences, and different sucking techniques when being fed.
Therefore, do our range of bottle nipples have different flow rates to meet your baby’s unique needs.
Find out which flow rate is right for your baby here.

Benefits of bottles

The BIBS Glass Baby Bottle is made of 100% safe food-grade material, it does not emit microplastics or other harmful toxins, and it is designed with anti-colic function. Check out all the practical benefits of our baby bottle here.

Glass vs. plastic

Do you need an overview of the difference between glass baby bottles and plastic baby bottles? Not only can glass be recycled and reused endless times, but it is also a practical and durable alternative to a plastic bottle.

Tips for bottle-feeding a breastfed baby

Introducing bottle-feeding to a breastfed baby can take a bit of getting used to. If you want to introduce a baby bottle occasionally while also breastfeeding your baby, we have gathered some tips for you on bottle-feeding a breastfed baby.

Cleaning your BIBS Baby Glass Bottle

Our baby bottle is easy to clean since most parts can be washed in the dishwasher.
Read our entire cleaning guide here.