Caroline Wozniacki X BIBS

New BIBS brand ambassador!

"I can't describe how excited I am to meet our little baby girl and to become a mom. With this new title, a huge responsibility follows, and of course, you always want what is best for your child. Until now I haven't realized how many things to consider when choosing e.g. the perfect pacifier for your child. I have previously heard about BIBS from my friends and how great their products are and concluded that they were the best in the industry". - Caroline

Caroline Wozniacki

Thoughts about picking baby products and choosing BIBS
See the interview here

Caroline Wozniacki visits BIBS

We had the great pleasure of welcoming our brand ambassador Caroline Wozniacki as she and her daughter Olivia visited us at our new headquarters in Copenhagen.

Caroline Wozniacki

Thoughts about picking baby products and choosing BIBS

Caroline came across BIBS by asking her friends and doing research. And she was never in doubt that collaborating with BIBS was the right fit for her and her family.See the interview with Caroline here, where she elaborates on how to pick the right baby products, and why she chose BIBS pacifiers for her daughter Olivia.

Caroline Wozniacki on the joy of anticipation

Caroline has always dreamed about starting her own family and that is now a reality. But with the joy of pregnancy, also comes a lot of questions and worries. Caroline describes the feelings that many parents experience before the child has arrived.

Say hello to our new BIBS brand ambassador!

Caroline is best known for her absolutely fantastic career in tennis. She has 30 WTA singles titles and has been number 1 on the world rankings 71 weeks in a row. Now Caroline is facing a completely new and exciting role when she soon gives birth to a beautiful baby girl.