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Cup Set - Blush

12,95 €

BIBS Cup Set consists of two open cups with complementary lids, making it easy to bring the cup with you on the go with snacks, or other refreshments for you and your child.

The cups are ergonomically shaped in a non-slip material for the best possible grip for small children. The curved drinking rim enhances the tactile experience and allows for more control of the placement of the liquid as it enters the mouth. An open cup encourages children to practice mature oral-motor and swallowing skills, by developing the proper lip, jaw, and tongue movements.

    • Made of 100% safe and food-grade material
    • Promotes self-feeding, and develops fine motor skills
    • Encourage children to practice mature oral-motor and swallowing skills
    • Curved drinking rim for easy mouth placement and control
    • Non-slip and ergonomic form for the best possible grip for children
    • Withstand microwave heating, dishwasher cleaning, and freezer temperature
      (NB the lids must not be microwaved heated).
    • Designed and manufactured in Denmark

    Cup Set - Blush

    12,95 €

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