BIBS wins three Børsen Gazelle awards

We are excited to announce that we have been awarded the 2022 country winner of Børsen ‘manufacturing Gazelle’.

Further, we have received two more prizes as Capital Regional Gazelle winner and Capital Regional manufacturing-Gazelle winner.

Every year Børsen – Denmark's leading business newspaper – chooses the gazelles that have managed to create the greatest growth of all the year's gazelles – both gazelle of the year and manufacturing gazelle of the year. In the 27 years, Børsen Gazelle has existed no one has won 3 Gazelles on the same evening before, making us even prouder!

It is a huge honor to be recognized for our growth journey and to be announced as the award winner of not one, but three Børsen Gazelle awards!

Thank you Børsen & Industriens Fond

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