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Benefits of our Dinner Bib

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Dinner Bib

All parents know about the challenges with clothes that are wet from either saliva or liquids, filled with stains from mashed bananas, and food smeared everywhere. Messy eating is an inevitable part of babyhood (and parenthood), and a good dinner bib is essential from when the child starts eating solid food.

As parents ourselves we know all about the struggle and frustration of cleaning up after dinner with a toddler at the table, and that is why we have created the BIBS Dinner Bib - a dinner bib designed for children, with their needs in mind while not compromising on design and aesthetics.

Comfort and functionality in focus

The material for our Dinner Bib has been carefully selected to ensure it is comfortable for children and easy to clean. It is extremely robust and resistant to oil, grease, and food colors, and is easy to clean, as it can be washed in the dishwasher at high temperatures with the use of soap.

The bib has a practical collection pocket at the front to collect leftover food and spare the baby's clothes as much as possible to make sure more of the baby's food ends up in their mouth rather than on the floor. Further, the bib has been adapted to the child's anatomy so they can move their arms freely while still fitting nicely around the baby's tummy. The opening has been placed at the front of the bib to avoid hair or clothes getting caught, and it can be easily adjusted in three different sizes to fit little ones perfectly.

The front pocket is designed to be soft enough to be pressed between the child and the table and hard enough not to bend and spill fluids when lifted. It has a narrow shape between the arms for maximum freedom of movement.

Designed and produced in Denmark

Our Dinner Bib is designed in a classic retro look with a Nordic twist, in beautiful colors. More colors will be added continuously! In addition, it is both designed and produced exclusively at our headquarters in Denmark and will be sold globally.

Care tips

BIBS Dinner Bib is easy to clean. It can either be washed in warm water with soap or in the dishwasher.

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