Baby Bottle

BIBS Baby Bottle is carefully designed for babies and parents.

BIBS Baby Bottle

At BIBS we support the health authorities’ official recommendations about breastfeeding newborns. If breastfeeding is successful, it is great! However, some mothers are challenged with breastfeeding and need to supplement their breastfeeding, some can’t breastfeed at all, and some do not want to breastfeed. In these cases, bottle-feeding is a great alternative. Read all the benefits of our BIBS Baby Glass Bottle here >

Advantages of bottle-feeding

One of the benefits of bottles, in general, is that either parent can feed the baby. Feeding is an important bonding moment, and where breastfeeding doesn’t allow the other parent to bond with the baby during feeding time, bottle feeding allows both parents to spend some quality time with the baby and form a close connection. Read more about the advantages of bottle-feeding here >

Made in glass

We are extremely proud that our BIBS Baby Bottle is made of glass. Not only can glass be recycled and reused endless times, but it is also a practical and durable alternative to a plastic bottle. Our baby bottle is made of borosilicate glass. This makes the glass bottle temperature- and thermal shock-resistant, durable, shatter-resistant, and more. Read more about borosilicate glass here >

Glass does not emit microplastics or other harmful toxins. Read more about the difference between glass baby bottles and plastic baby bottles here >

Breast-like nipple with anti-colic function

The round natural rubber latex nipple matches the nipple from our popular BIBS Colour pacifier. It is designed to mimic the mother’s soft nipple in shape and size, support natural breastfeeding, and prevent “nipple”-confusion if breastfeeding and supplementing with a bottle.

Further, the nipple is designed with an anti-colic valve for a smooth milk flow, that reduces air swallowed while feeding.

Mix & Match Concept

The baby bottle comes in 4 different sets. The ‘Complete Set’ gives you all you need to get started. ‘The Glass Bottle Kit’ consists of the bottle only (comes in two different sizes - 110 ml and 225 ml) and the ‘Bottle Kit’ consists of all the additional parts to complete the baby bottle. This lets you Mix & Match the glass bottle with your favorite BIBS color, so you don’t have to buy a new bottle if you want additional colors. Lastly, you can buy extra nipples in a separate ‘Bottle Nipple Kit’.

Our Mix & Match concept allows for personal preference with our unique ability to combine your favorite colors.

Flow rate

All babies are unique in their way. They have different needs, different preferences, and different sucking techniques when being fed. To accommodate this, our range of bottle nipples has different flow rates to meet your baby’s unique needs. Read more about the nipple flow here >