Parentboard Journal: We asked 5 families about their favorite spring activities

Springtime is the perfect season to enjoy the great outdoors with your little ones. We talked with 5 families from our Parentboard about their favorite spring activities to do with their little ones.

Having Picnics

A family picnic is a fun and easy way to spend quality time together while soaking up the sunshine and fresh air. Pack a basket of your family's favorite snacks and drinks, bring a blanket to sit on, and head to your local park or nature trail.

“We love sitting outside and having our lunch. Going for picnics in the park and just enjoying the environment. And I really looking forward to it”

– Natasha, mother to Lorna

Exploring Nature

Spring is a great time to get out and explore nature with your little ones. Going to the forest, beach, or playgrounds with small children can be a fun and exciting way to bond as a family and teach your children about the natural world around them. Remember to bring a few essentials like a blanket, snacks, water, and sunscreen.

“We prioritize going outside. We go to the forest, or the beach to collect stones. We also enjoy outdoor playgrounds where you can go out and play in the sandbox or go for a swing”

- Mads, father to Lucas

Outside play dates

Meet with friends or arrange play dates outside in the budding spring. It is a great opportunity for the children to socialize and play together while you can share some enjoyable moments with your friends.

“I meet up with other mums, go for walks, and get the babies outside. I really enjoyed the outdoors with our daughter. You can see how she's looking up at the trees and she loves it. It really calms her down”

 – Emily, 32 years old, mother to Ottilie

Farm visits

When the weather warms up a farm visit is a great opportunity for children to see some farm animals and learn about how food is grown. Farm visits are a fun learning experience. Some children might not have seen farm animals, like pigs, sheep, and cows up close before. Plenty of farms have arrangements where you can go as a family. It makes a great day out for a weekend or during the holidays.

“We live on a farm and our daughter absolutely loves the animals. Her being around the livestock and seeing them interact and her getting familiar with things is great”

– Tashana, mother to Nora

Go Fishing

Going fishing with small children can have many benefits for both the children and the adults. It can be a great way for parents and children to bond and spend time together in nature, while also teaching children about different types of fish, their habitats, and how they live.

“Our son loves to go fishing with my partner. Last year my son actually caught a fish. I think it's creating some great memories”

- Stephanie, mother to Keira, Samuel, and Lewis