How to DIY Tie-Dye

How to DIY tie-dye

Tie-dye is the hottest fashion trend at the moment, with all the major fashion brands launching tie-dye collections. We also love the tie-dye trend and we have therefore launched our very own BIBS Tie-Dye Collection. The cool tie-dye pacifiers are our fresh take on the classic retro-inspired tie-dye look, and your little ones will look super cool with the edgy and fashionable pacifiers.

If you, like us, cannot get enough of the tie-dye trend, keep on reading and get to know how you can tie-dye both your own or your child's clothes, to match the cool tie-dye pacifiers.

Upcycle your stained clothes

Avocado pits are all you need to give stained clothes e.g. a baby's body new life. With different kinds of plant-based dyes – like avocado - you can easily upcycle old clothes by tie-dyeing them.

Depending on the vegetables/fruits you will get different colors. Avocado leaves the clothes in a pretty pink shade. The onion will create a yellow shade; black beans turn blue and red cabbage turn purple. 

DIY tie-dye with avocado

Check out these simple steps and create your own unique and cool tie-dye items.

Step 1: Boil avocado pits for 10 minutes in water

Step 2: Drain the color from the pits

Step 3: Take the clothes you want to dye and wrap them up with rubber bands or string to get a pattern. Your clothes must be 100% natural fiber like cotton, linen, or hemp. Otherwise, the dye will not work or be permanent

Step 4: Put the clothes in the dye and let it soak for 12-24 hours depending on how intense you want the color

Step 5: Take off the rubber bands or strings, and rinse the clothes with water to rinse off excess color

Step 6: Let the clothes air dry. Avoid direct sunlight. If you lay the clothes in direct sunlight, they could get sun-bleached and lose the pink color

Step 7: Give it a wash. Let your dyed clothes dry completely before washing. To preserve the dye, wash with mild detergent on the gentle cycle in cold water


Check out the video to see the tie-dye process:


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