Introducing BIBS Studio Collection: An Interview with Glitter Power Club

In a market where stylish baby products are often hard to come by, particularly in the world of pacifiers, BIBS is excited to introduce the STUDIO COLLECTION - a transformative new line that redefines the look and feel of comfort. The collection kicks off with six bold prints that creatively reimagine our beloved Colour Pacifiers, each offering a new perspective for the modern parenting journey.  

Crafted by the renowned French print designer, Glitter Power Club, The STUDIO COLLECTION’s inaugural prints blend current fashion trends with timeless appeal, offering an upgrade for parents seeking more aesthetic pacifier choices. We sat down with head designer Naïma Jakimowicz to get some further insight into the prints and her design process.

The six Studio Collection prints are made up of stripes and florals. Why are these themes always so popular in design trends? 
Stripes and florals are both such classic designs that have the power to transform over time and keep up with current trends. Whether it's small, vibrant flowers from the 90’s or big romantic roses from earlier centuries, florals are something that we always love to draw and experiment with. Stripes are just so timeless and will always be truly iconic. They’re gender-neutral, clean, and easy to match with everything – that's part of their charm.

Why did the 70’s aesthetic feel like the perfect fit for the four floral prints?  

There’s a lot of hype right now around 70’s floral design. It’s a very distinct vibe that captures the essence of an era that’s known for freedom, peace, and happiness. The aesthetic is so strong - when you think of the 70’s you immediately have an image, from furniture to clothing to patterns. And bringing back such a nostalgic look usually brings people a lot of joy.

Can you share the inspiration behind the two different stripes, Pin and Block?  

I wanted to give them both a modern twist. Block has broader strokes that make a loud statement, while Pin is clean, precise, and a little more innocent. They both play with composition and blank space in their own ways, creating a contemporary and playful feel.

How was the experience of designing prints for a product that is so small?  

I had to be very precise. I paid so much attention to all of the tiny details; where the stripes needed to be in relation to the pacifier’s holes, or how many small flowers were needed to balance with the bigger ones. But overall, I wanted to create really clean designs, where every element felt intentional even on such a small palette.

Why is it important to offer a variety of different prints, especially for baby products?  

People love having choices; we like being able to see a few different options and feel like we’ve picked the best one. It makes the decision even more special and personal, especially when we're picking it out for someone else.

What kinds of families are these prints intended for?  

I think that people who aren’t afraid to be a little bit bold when it comes to fashion will really appreciate these pacifiers. Personally, I love mixing prints and stylish elements into my kid’s lives, especially with accessories and clothing. And this is just another way to do that.  

The small size of a pacifier makes experimenting with prints easy, adding a fun element without overwhelming a baby’s overall look. It's a chance to play with something bold and unique, that can add a fashionable touch or even complete an entire look.

What impact do you hope these prints will have on parents and caregivers?  

I hope that parents will see these prints as something different and new. There’s a shortage of cool-looking baby products in the market, which is unfortunate because it’s special to share your unique aesthetic with your child. It’s another way to show how much you care. I think they’ll be happy to find modern and cheerful prints that can add a bit of an edge to their baby’s outfits.

In your opinion, what makes a good print? What distinguishes it from one that might be less appealing?  

The best prints are well composed. It’s all about having a good rhythm, being well-drawn, and getting the colors just right. But above all, a good print has character. It tells a story and evokes emotion - you should look at it and feel something.

The STUDIO COLLECTION will continually pioneer fresh designs, featuring captivating prints that embrace creativity and highlight the importance of individuality in parenting. Most importantly, this approach to innovation, creativity, and self-expression comes without compromise, ensuring that every product upholds the high standards of quality, safety, and excellence that make BIBS a beloved choice for families worldwide. These exclusive designs will make their debut on the Colour pacifier, available in size 1 and 2, with a round nipple in natural rubber latex. Each print comes in a range of dynamic color combinations, inviting even more possibilities for personal expression.