Refund policy

Return and cancellation

You always have the right to cancel an order within 14 days without cause. It’s possible to cancel a complete order or only parts of it.

The period of cancellation expires 14 days after you receive your order or the last product from your order, if we are not able to deliver it all together. If the day of expiry is a weekend or holiday day it will be prolonged to the next coming weekday.

Contact us to cancel your order. Reach out by either a letter to BIBS Denmark ApS, c/o Milcom A/S, Hørmarken 7, 3520 Farum, Denmark, or an email to where you announce your cancellation.

The cancellation notice should be sent to us before the cancellation period expires.

It’s not possible for you to cancel an order by rejecting or not picking up your order without giving the information to BIBS Denmark ApS. If you cancel your order you have to send the products to BIBS Denmark ApS, c/o Milcom A/S, Hørmarken 7, 3520 Farum, Denmark as quick as possible and before the expiring of the 14 days cancellation period. You as a customer will be charged for the for the return of products.

It’s important that your products are returned in proper packaging and you should get a receipt for the shipment. Also you need to keep the information regarding shipping costs and track-and-trace-number.


Refund on cancellation

When you cancel a complete order, we will refund all payments including shipping costs for the order. This does not count if you only cancel and return parts of your order.

If a delivery method that’s more expensive than the cheapest option offered by BIBS we will not return the additional costs. BIBS can retain your refund until we have received your returned order or the documentation for your return.

We will pay you the refund using the same payment used in the original transaction.