Fun water activities for babies

Water activities are always fun in the summer – both for babies and parents. With the weather heating up, it is the perfect time to get outside and spend the time splashing and playing in the water.

But it is not only fun - it is also very educational! Did you know that water play has a lot of benefits for your baby? For example, can water play activities help to develop and strengthen the baby’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination e.g., through the pouring of water from one container to another.

Further, it provides babies with many opportunities to explore their senses by feeling different textures and experiencing different temperatures, if you add other materials like sand, ice, or soap to the water.


Top 3 ideas for water activities for babies

Whether your baby is crawling, toddling, or still working on tummy time, there are activities for them to enjoy.

Check out our top ideas for fun water play with babies below:

1. Plate Play
When your baby can sit by itself, fill a baby plate (one with a suctioned bottom is preferred) with water – you can add a little bit of food coloring to give the water some extra fun effects. Your baby will love the splashing and pouring – even with just a little bit of water.

2. Pool Party
Fill a baby pool or bathtub with water and soap to create wonderful foam and bubbles and let your baby have fun splashing around. (Use a mild soap that has been created for sensitive baby skin without any perfume, phthalates and sulfates.) You can also add some plastic balls or other fun toys. If your baby cannot sit by itself yet, try using an upright bath seat so that they can safely splash with their head above the water.

3. Rainbow water & ice
Add water and a little bit of different food coloring to standard ice cube trays and when frozen put them into a bucket of water. As the ice melts, it creates wonderful colors.

NB: Remember never to let your baby or child be near water unsupervised.


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