The Ultimate Baby Christmas Gift Guide

Do you need inspiration for what to wish for Christmas or what to buy as a present? Our beautiful baby products are perfect Christmas gifts for little ones.

For newborns 0+ months

Buying a gift for a newborn baby can be hard and confusing, especially for those who don’t have much experience with children. Don’t worry we got you! With more than 40 years of experience within the field, we know babies!

Our baby products are ideal as Christmas gifts for new or expecting parents who want the absolute best for their little ones.

1. Colour pacifier

BIBS Colour pacifier is the original BIBS pacifier and has been on the market for over 40 years. The nipple is made of natural rubber latex and available in different shapes; round, flat symmetrical, and anatomical. The shield is made of food-grade material and designed and produced in Denmark/EU. 100% free of BPA and phthalates.

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2. Baby Bitie teether

BIBS teethers are perfect for little hands to grab and mouths to chew on. It has various textures which have a soothing effect on a baby’s itchy gums – perfect for teeth relief. 100% safe food-grade material free from BPA and phthalates. Designed and manufactured in Denmark.

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3. Pacifier Clip

Pacifier clips make everyday life with a baby a bit easier. It prevents the pacifier from getting lost, or dirty by falling to the ground or floor. This product is for you who want to combine usage and functionality, with a beautiful design matching your baby's favorite BIBS pacifier. BIBS Pacifier Clip is made of organic cotton, wood, and nickel-free metal.

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4. Baby Swaddle

A swaddle helps your baby feel safe and secure as he or she adjusts to life outside the womb. This creates a feeling of security for many children. Swaddling works great for newborns from 0-3 months, while some babies can benefit from swaddling up to 6 months of age. BIBS Baby Swaddles are made of organic muslin cotton.

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5. Muslin Cloths

Muslin cloths are a must-have baby essential in everyday life. They can clean up any spit-up when burping your baby, be used as a cover for your changing mat, or as a bib. The possibilities are endless! BIBS Muslin Cloths are made of organic muslin cotton.

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6. Try-it collection

In the BIBS Try-it Collection, you will get four different pacifiers (Colour, De Lux, Supreme, and Couture), with a selection of four different nipple types (round, symmetrically, and anatomically) and materials (natural rubber latex and silicone). For you and your baby to test and find your preferred BIBS pacifier.

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7. Bandana Bib

The dribble bib consists of multiple layers to ensure maximum absorbency and can be used to catch drool and spit-up after feeding. It can also be used as a fashion accessory like a neck warmer under outerwear to keep warm in cold weather as the soft fabric covers the baby’s neck. BIBS Bandana bib is made of organic muslin cotton.

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8. Loops

The flexible and easy detachable Loops are practical as well as creative and playful. Loops are perfect as a hanging toy in the stroller or over the bed. They can also be used as a stroller chain, over the car seat, changing table, or play mat. 100% safe food-grade material free from BPA and phthalates. Designed and manufactured in Denmark.

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9. Knitted Blanket

These knitted blankets are great for every season from newborn to toddler years, and it is a must-have baby essential for parents who love to wrap up their baby for snuggles. BIBS Knitted Blanket is made of 100% organic OEKO-TEX® certified cotton.

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10. Baby Bottle

A baby bottle made of borosilicate glass, which is temperature- and thermal shock-resistant. The nipple has been specially developed to match the nipple from the popular BIBS Colour pacifier and resembles the mother’s soft nipple. The nipple features an anti-colic valve, to ensure the best milk flow for your baby.

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11. Hoodie Towel

This Hoodie Towel is made in premium 100% organic OEKO-TEX® certified cotton terry.  The absorbent material and the soft hood make it perfect for after the bath. A hoodie towel is a must-have item for newborns and babies aged 0-2 years.

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12. Pacifier Box

BIBS pacifier box is a multiple-functional product, that not only can be used for storing pacifiers when you are on the go but also as a sterilizer box. It is made of 100% food-safe material that is free of BPA and phthalates. Designed and produced in Denmark.

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13. Gift Sets

BIBS Gift Sets are the perfect product combination for newborns and their parents.

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