BIBS product testing: How we test our products to ensure quality

Quality is incredibly important to BIBS. We want to make sure that you always get a satisfying experience when buying BIBS products.

Our products go through incredibly strict quality processes and testing procedures. Among other things, the pacifiers are pulled, pushed, boiled, microwaved, and much more to ensure their durability. Our dinner products are exposed to food dyes, scratch tests, and durability tests. All to secure their functionality, durability, and overall safety.

This blog post will walk you through the different testing methods our products are exposed to.

Lab tests

All new products are tested according to international standards. They are tested for migration, safety, and functionality by external laboratories who are specialized in precisely this type of test within their respective country's standards and legislation. This means that our products always comply with each country's standards and legislation in the area.

Production tests

The machines at our own production facilities located in Denmark, test all components they produce and sort out errors automatically. This means that no defective components leave the production plant.

Random samples

We are regularly taking random samples among the finished products. The way we test our pacifiers is in a 'push/pull' machine, which (as the name explains) pushes and pulls in the pacifier’s nipple and shield to make sure that components do not fall apart or in other ways are damaged.

Test in the event of a complaint case

If we experience a complaint about a product, we test approx. 100 similar products. We test the products according to what the customer described caused the malfunction or product error. In this way, we ensure it is a unique case and not a production error affecting multiple products.
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