Fun Halloween treats for children

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to create creative chaos in the kitchen with your children. In this blog post, we share different fun and easy Halloween treats you can make together. Some of these will require adult help (like baking the cupcakes) but decorating and assembling these treats should be well within the scope of most children. Nothing is too complicated.

Chocolate Spider Cakes

These easy spider cakes are a must this Halloween and a fun way to get the children to participate in the kitchen. Most children will love making these simple spiders. Buy the cakes and decorate using candy eyes and string candy for the legs.

White Chocolate Ghosts

A super easy hack for last-minute treats is these cute chocolate ghosts. They are super simple, just buy the cakes and use melted chocolate to decorate them.

Monster Cupcakes

Cupcakes are always popular, and Monster Cupcakes are even more! Decorating cupcakes with funny monster faces is a fun activity for children (with some help from a parent). So, have fun together and create sweet (and scary) monster cupcakes.

White Chocolate Rice Krispie Mummies

Mummy-themed Rice Krispies are perfect for Halloween. Krispy treats are super easy to make! Form the rice krispies into small rectangles, and drizzle melted chocolate over them so they look like mummy bandages. Add some spooky sprinkles or whatever you have on hand for eyes, and you are done.

Clementine Pumpkin Heads

Clementines are a healthy Halloween snack. To make them a little more fun get the children to draw some cute pumpkin faces with a black marker. It really is that simple!

Frozen Ghost Bananas

Frozen bananas are great if you want a spooky but healthy Halloween snack. You can dip the bananas in different things depending on your preference. Either use white chocolate, vanilla yogurt, or coconut sprinkles. Complete the look by using melted chocolate for creating the face.

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