Caroline Wozniacki on the joy of anticipation

Nine-month pregnant Caroline Wozniacki shares her anticipation and expectation of motherhood.

We meet a pregnant Caroline Wozniacki, in the beautiful home she shares with her husband, former basketball player David Lee, to talk about her thoughts and hopes for motherhood before the imminent birth of her first child.

Caroline has always dreamed about starting her own family and that is now a reality. But with the joy of pregnancy, also comes a lot of questions and worries. Caroline describes the feelings that many parents experience before the child has arrived:

I’m really nervous about this new chapter. I’m very excited about becoming a mom and having a baby, and I always wanted to become a mom and have a family. I think I’m nervous because I haven’t been through this journey before, and I really don’t know what to expect. When you give birth it’s of course tough on the woman’s body, but then you leave the hospital with this new baby and you’re just ‘what do I do now’. It’s really that feeling I’m scared of. You know I’m used to taking care of myself, my husband, and my family but it’s much different when a little baby really depends on you.”

How to prepare

On how to prepare herself for the motherhood of her baby daughter, Caroline states:

There is no real proper way to prepare other than just reading the books, talking to my friends, and getting the right products for her. Actually, I didn’t know that there was a different…”, Caroline points to a pacifier’s nipple and ask the interviewer “What do you call this?”

Like many other first-time parents, it is a jungle to find your way around baby products and to know what you need. That is also why Caroline is excited to be a brand ambassador for BIBS. Caroline heard about BIBS through friends and reached out to find out if a partnership would be possible. As Caroline explains:

I had previously heard about BIBS from my friends and how great their products are and concluded that they were the best in the industry”.

With BIBS at her side, Caroline will never be in shortage of pacifiers and other baby essentials that are both safe, environmental-friendly, and comes in beautiful designs and colors.

Expectations for the future

Parenting is a great journey and essentially the most important thing is to do the best you can. Caroline elaborates:

At the end of the day, we can only control so much, and we are just going to do our best. And I think my mindset going into parenthood is that we’re doing our best and remember not to be too hard on ourselves”.

On the expectations of when her baby girl has arrived, Caroline reflects on the future by saying:

I would think that next time I see you our baby girl is here, and I definitely will have some different answers to you on what parenthood and motherhood are like. I will hopefully be a stress-free, but a little sleep-deprived mum.