Caroline on finding the right pacifier

When it comes to pacifiers' nipples no size or shape is right or wrong because all babies are different. When using a pacifier, it is important to try out different shapes and sizes to find the perfect fit for your baby.

Finding the right pacifier takes time

Like many other babies, Caroline's daughter Oliva tried the different pacifiers to find her personal favorite. Caroline explains,

When Olivia was born, I started her on the Supreme pacifier because that was the one, she preferred. And I was going with the flow on that one. But after a few weeks, she kept spitting it out, and I really did not understand why she would do that, so I tried the Colour pacifier, and she took it straight away. And now she has been with that ever since”.

Favorite product

On her favorite BIBS products, Caroline states, “I have so many favorite BIBS products. Obviously, the pacifier. She absolutely loves them. I love that I can mix and match the pacifiers with the different clothes she is wearing so she looks all fashionable. The fact that, for her to be able to soothe herself, having a pacifier has been a lifesaver for me and my family.”

BIBS Try-It Collection

Being asked about her best maternity gift, Caroline explains, “I like to give my friends the starter pack of different pacifiers because they may like one pacifier over the other. That has been the number one thing I give to all my friends who are about to have a baby”.

For you and your baby to test and find your preferred BIBS pacifier.

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