Our newest pacifier in the BIBS family. Similarities with the BIBS Supreme but with a lot of it’s owns features and personality.

BIBS COUTURE has landed in the autumn of 2020, but we are sure that it’s going to be a future favourite for you and your kids! BIBS COUTURE gives you a light weighted shield and a shape leading your thoughts towards a butterfly.

The nipple mimics the mothers breast while breastfeeding. Fitting baby’s mouth perfectly to reduce pressure on teeth and jaw.

the preferred pacifier for many children because of the cherry shaped nipple. The shape of both shield and nipple is like a mother’s breast and is the optimal support for a natural sucking reflex and for breastfeeding. The anatomical nipple comes in both natural rubber latex and silicone. Because of the natural material on the latex nipples, variations in colour and clearness may occur – remember to replace within 4-6 weeks of regular use!

The pacifier is available in a beautiful colour palette of all our beautiful new autumn 2020 colors.


BIBS Couture is available in 2 sizes.

We have stated an approximate age for each size, but this should only be used as a guideline.
The anatomy of small children is different from child to child, and some children prefer a larger or smaller nipple.

We therefore advise you to try and see what fits your baby the best.

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