Why so popular?


BIBS pacifier has gained a very good reputation over time.

They are popular and favorite by many babies.


The basis for the popularity of the pacifier is, among other things, found in the round nipple of natural rubber that best simulates the mother's breast while stimulating and strengthening the muscles in the baby's mouth.

The design of the pacifier therefore supports the important breastfeeding and is recommended by many midwives and nurses to be the best for the child - and of course we are very proud.


The construction gives the children's skin air, which is important for good oral hygiene.

The BIBS only manufactures pacifiers and other baby items where there is no risk of transmission of harmful ingredients such as BPA, PVC and phthalates from the product and to your child.

Our products are all of the best quality and fully live up to all Danish and

European legal requirements in this area.


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